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Lighthouse Homeschool Co-op: New Hampshire

                   Let us walk in the light of the LORD.

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Fall 2021 - Spring 2022

Introduction to Social Studies

Ages 4-5

Teacher: Geneva Hall

Fee: $15


Supplies needed: Workbook Social Studies K by Abeka. Students should also bring a supply box.

Course Description: Social Studies K will provide an introduction to the student of the various helpers in a community, the beginnings of American History, present interesting features from countries around the world, and explain simple geography. Along with working through the student book, we will also read stories, sing songs, and see some video clips pertaining to the topic being discussed.

Homework: Complete unfinished classwork

Learning About God

Ages: 4-5

Teacher: Geneva Hall

Fee: $25 (includes workbook)


Supplies Needed: Basic supply box

Course Description: This study teaches children about God through Bible stories that highlight doctrines, biblical principals, and character traits. Besides reading Bible stories and working in the activity book, we will also sing songs, do some crafts, and play some learning and listening games. 

Homework: Complete any unfinished classwork

Letters, Sounds, and Stories

Grades: K

Teacher: Cathy Borchers

Fee: $


Course Description:  This class is for kindergarteners only. It is designed to help children adequately prepare for the challenges of first grade reading and writing. 

Prerequisites: Children should start this class with the ability to use pencils and crayons for drawing and coloring, and a glue stick to assemble paper pieces.

Write From the Start

Grade: 1

Teacher: Cathy Borchers

Fee: $30


Course Description:  Children will learn to express themselves through pictures, storytelling, and journaling.  The class will include pre-writing skills, phonetics, story writing, basic grammar, sentence formation, sequencing, writing a note or message, composition, and conferencing.  Children will need to enter class in the fall already knowing their alphabet and sounds of letters.

Homework: 1/2 to 1 hour each week.

Fun Fitness

Grades: 1-2

Teacher: Jolie Hassler

Fee: $25


Supplies Needed: Sneakers, clothing they can move in (no tight jeans, no crocs, no flip flops, etc)   

Course Description:  I am a Certified Youth Fitness Instructor who loves to inspire kids to love exercise! We are going to have fun learning new skills playing games, doing strengthening exercises and sports.

Homework: Students will have a fitness contract asking for exercise or movement each day. Some weeks it might be to try new foods. Please do not stress, they will want to do this!

Shurley English Level 1

Grades: 1-2nd

Teacher: Christina Barnes

Fee: $20 (includes textbook)


Course Description: English students will be developing a mastery in reading, writing, and even thinking skills. Grammar, vocabulary, language skills, and a weekly summary will be practiced.


On the Prairie

Grades: 1-3

Teacher: Evelyn Hart

Assistant: Kelly Hart



Course Description: In this hands on class, we will read the book Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. There will be many crafts, food, and lapbooking as we learn about the pioneer way of life.

Homework: Some reading and occasional lapbook work.

Elemental Science: Biology for the Grammar Stage

Grades: 1-4

Teacher: Jenness Nordstrom

Fee:$40 (does not include book)


Supplies Needed: Student workbook and templates (I can get a group price once I know the number of students, $15-$20)

Course Description: Full bio science for grades 1-4th. Twenty weeks on animals, habitats, birds, reptiles and invertebrates. Ten weeks on the human body and six weeks on plants. Curricula includes vocab, quizzes, homework, reading and writing. Class time will be for demos and experiments, previous week reading and text question answers, quizzes and vocabulary.

Homework: vocab, text questions, and possible small projects

All Around the World with Flat Stanley

Grades: 2-3

Teacher: Heidi Leandro



Supplies Needed: Flat Stanley books, basic pencil box supplies

Course Description: Students will travel around the world with Flat Stanley. Through reading his books we will cover reading, comprehension, vocabulary, and geography skills. Students will send out their own Flat Stanleys. It is sure to be a grand adventure.

Homework: 1 hour/week

Song School Spanish 1

Grades: 3-4

Teacher: Jessica Bruno



Supplies Needed: Song School Spanish Student Book with CD

Course Description: This course will be an intro to Spanish using the Song School Spanish 1 program, which will have a weekly lesson, with songs, and workbook lessons. We will have a lively class with singing, some dancing, art and food from different Spanish cultures during the year. Looking forward to learning Spanish together in this fun class format!

Homework: 1-2 pages a week if not finished in class. Students are encouraged to listen to and sing songs at home to reinforce leaning.

Tinker Lab

Grades: 2-4

Teacher: Heidi Leandro



Supplies Needed: Tape, glue, scissors, pencil

Course Description: In this hands-on class children will participate in a weekly lab where they can follow their interests and curiosities, test and explore with materials, experiment and discover new ideas. We will alternate between guided and open-ended labs. Bring your imagination the possibilities are endless.

Homework: minimal

Our American Heritage

Grades: 3-4

Teacher: Kate Meehan



Supplies Needed: current edition of Abeka Our American Heritage

Course Description: From Christopher Columbus to Martin Luther King Jr, this class will give students an understanding of the many great leaders in American history.

Homework: minimal

Fun Fitness​

Grades: 3-5

Teacher: Jolie Hassler

Assistant: Sara Kender



Supplies Needed: Sneakers, clothing they can move in (no tight jeans, no crocs, no flip flops, etc)

Course Description: I am a Certified Youth Fitness Instructor who loves to inspire kids to love exercise! We are going to have fun learning new skills, playing games, doing strengthening exercises and sports.

Homework: Students will have a fitness contract asking for 30 minutes of movement a day. Please do not stress, they will want to do this!

Art Level 1

Grades: 3-6

Teacher: Melanie Waldvogel

Fee: $30


Supplies Needed:  Pencil box with glue sticks, pencils and scissors

Course Description: Let's make art! This course is designed for elementary to middle school students to inspire creativity and have fun with art! We'll draw, paint, sculpt, and needle felt our way through different seasons, techniques, and artists throughout history. At the end of the course, students will have a portfolio of their art, and hopefully an idea of what materials they love to work with!

Homework: minimal

Math Enrichment Lab

Grades: 4-6

Teacher: Laura Owens



Supplies Needed: ruler, protractor

Course Description: This class will offer enrichment in math skills using NH 4th-5th grade standards. Students will review and practice math skills in a hands on setting. Concepts may include: factors, math facts, multi-digit multiplication, patterns, rounding, long division, area, perimeter, measurement, geometry, volume, decimals, and fractions. *This class will NOT take the place of any math curriculum, but will supplement math concepts learned at home. Sixth graders are welcome to join and review 4th-5th grade standards. 

Homework: none

Card Making and Crafting

Grades: 4th and up

Teacher: Monika Davis

Fee: $30


Supplies Needed: Scissors, adhesives, favorite coloring mediums, paper cutter would be helpful

Course Description: Card making and crafting using different techniques and different mediums. We will make enough cards for personal use and possible for donation.

Homework: none

American Sign Language

Grades: 4-7

Teacher: Tia Parr



Course Description: This class will explore the basics of American Sign Language. We will include receptive and expressive signing, vocabulary, finger spelling, and various aspects of Deaf culture.

Homework: 2 hours/week

Our Mother Tongue

Grades: 5-7

Teacher: Christina Barnes

Fee:$20 (includes textbook)


Course Description: Using selections from Scripture and from great English writers, students will be instructed through the content, style and structure. Students will learn diagramming, which trains students to quickly analyze the structure of any given sentence.

Homework: Reviewing and or finishing what was started in class time.

Life Science

Grades: 6-7

Teacher: Jenn Vachon

Fee: $75


Supplies Needed: Notebook and folder. Class fee includes student books, student test packet, and lab materials.

Course Description: Life Science will introduce the wonders of the living world through a Christian worldview. We will study topics such as organism classification, cellular biology, genetics, microbiology, botany, the differences between creation and evolution, and more. We will do many activities and labs including using microscopes.

Homework: approx. 2-3 hours/week

Beginner Hungarian

Grades: 6-8 (open to 5th if there's interest)

Teacher: Monika Davis

Fee: $25


Course Description: In this class students will learn basic level Hungarian with vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and writing. Supply fee includes copies of curriculum that we cover in class and other materials needed; 3-ring binder, notebook and index cards.

Homework: Weekly vocabulary study and grammar worksheet exercises

Medieval History Through Literature

Grades: 6-8

Teacher: Heidi Leandro

Fee:$ 25


Supplies Needed: Students will need to provide their own books- book list will be available by sign-ups; basic pencil box supplies

Course Description: Explore the brilliant minds and time of change that happened between 400 and 1522 through reading living history books. Reading will be completed at home. Class will consist of mapping and hands on activities, vocabulary work, and discussion.

Homework: 2 hours/week-mostly reading

Heroes and Villains: Literature & Poetry

Grades: 6-8

Teacher: Kelly Hart



Supplies Needed: Students will all need their own copy of the following books: Amos Fortune: Free Man by Elizabeth Yates, Number the Stars by Lois Lowry, Where the Red Fern Grows, by James Whitmore, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D Taylor, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, and The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien.

Course Description: In this middle school English class, students will read a variety of books and poetry. We will cover grammar, vocabulary, and poetry forms all while we discover literary conflicts of "man vs._____." There will be writing assignments at the conclusion of each book including essays or creative writing. 

Homework:  Daily/weekly reading, some grammar/vocab work, some writing assignments

Chess Club

Grades: 6-9

Teacher: Emmett Wilson

Assistant: Jonelle Wilson



Supplies Needed: Portable chess set

Course Description: Learn new strategies and receive coaching on your game. This class will be intermediate level, so basic knowledge of chess is required.

Homework: Play chess at least once a week with a friend or family member.

Famous Women in History

Grades: 6-12

Teacher: Tia Parr



Course Description: Both male and female students will be introduced to various influential women throughout history. Self-directed study, research skills, leadership abilities, and public speaking will be highlighted as these historical female achievers are brought to life. 

Homework: 2 hrs/week, independent study each month to prepare for Presentation Day.

Blast Off!

Grades: 7-8

Teacher: Kim Ostrowski

Fee: $35


Supplies Needed: copy of the book Alan Shepard: Higher and Faster (Heroes of History) by Janet and Geoff Benge, 3 ring binder, pen/pencil, colored pencils, scissors, glue

Course Description: This is a literature based unit study including rocket themed short stories by Ray Bradbury, biographies of astronauts (including NH natives Alan Shepard and Christa McAuliffe), a collaborative timeline project of the space race and other key events in space history, and a little rocket science before we launch our own baking soda rockets to end the year.

Homework: Completion of weekly homework packets in preparation for class. Packets will include reading comprehension, vocabulary, and paragraph writing. Minimal research will be assigned to each student for the collaborative timeline project.

Advanced Arts

Grades: 7-12

Teacher: Melanie Waldvogel



Supplies Needed: glue sticks, pencils, scissors

Course Description: Let's make art! This course is designed for the older student to work on an art portfolio for high school credit. Students will draw, paint, sculpt, needle felt and work in a variety of mediums to explore what they like to create and learn new techniques. Students will be asked to maintain a sketchbook and take notes on each medium and assignment (what you like/what you do not like/would you work with this medium again), and draw a thumbnail sketch of their project. At the end of the semester, students will have an independent study where they request supplies to work independently on their own project. They will present their projects to the class.

Homework: minimal (they may watch you tube videos on technique or work on sketchbooks at home). most work will be completed in class.

Exploring Creation with Physical Science

Grades: 8-9

Teacher: Kelly White

Assistant: Christiane Green



Supplies Needed: Apologia Physical Science, 3rd edition Student Text, Student Notebook, Test Booklet recommended for home use.

Course Description: This creation based science curriculum introduces students to the physical sciences including chemistry, physics, and earth science. Students will work through the 15 modules at home, allowing for 2 weeks per module. Class time will primarily be utilized for lab experiments. We will also briefly review key concepts as time allows. Formal lab reports are expected for each module. Consistent time at home each week is imperative. 

Homework: 4 hrs/week

Intro to Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi

Grades: 8-12

Teacher: Avery Bouthiette

Assistant: Lance Hartford

Fee:$ 160 


Supplies Needed: USB mouse (wired or wireless), toolbox or hard-sided tote to carry supplies, 1/2 inch binder or folder for handouts, general school supplies (pens, pencils, notebook or note paper, etc), Gmail account to access Google Classroom, a HDMI monitor/TV and keyboard available at home for student use.

Course Description: This class satisfies 1 credit in computer science, required by the state of NH. In this class, we will explore the world of physical computing using a small computer called the Raspberry Pi. We will use the Pi and other devices to capture data from the world around us, process that data using the Python programming language, and then use output devices to get that data back from the computer. Students will learn the foundations of building electrical circuits, reading schematics and datasheets, and the basic principles of robotics. Students will also explore the iterative design process, the basics of prototyping, and collaboration with peers. Some of the projects we will complete include controlling LED light strips, controlling temperature and light sensors, and building a self-driving robot car. We will be using Google Classroom as our main source of communication outside of the classroom.

Homework: Students will have weekly reading, homework assignments, and finishing projects not completed in class, approximately 2- 2.5 hrs/week.

English From the Roots Up

Grades: 8-12

Teacher: Kathy Valley

Fee:$ 15


Course Description: This course will take the students through the Latin roots of our English language. By the end of year, they will have covered and know 600 words and their meanings.

*This can be considered a foreign language (Latin) credit requirement

Homework: up to 1 hr/week

Health, Nutrition, and PE

Grades: mature 8-10

Teacher: Jolie Hassler



Supplies Needed: Apologia Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition Textbook and Student Notebook

Course Description: This is a .5 high school required credit for Health and a .5 PE credit towards the high school requirement. We will cover bodily systems, genetics, nutrition, the importance of exercise, mental illness, socialization, and more.

Homework: 2-4 hrs/week for textbook reading, vocabulary, notebook assignments, and occasional oral presentations

*Parental Note: This is a full health textbook. The reproductive system, marriage, pregnancy, STD's, drug abuse and depression are discussed. We will not be covering chapter 15, which details sexual reproduction.  I am requiring each parent to look at the textbook and student notebook in advance of signing up.   Thank you!

Literature & Composition

Grades: 9-10

Teacher: Kim Ostrowski



Supplies Needed: 3 ring binder, dividers, some loose-leaf paper, pen/pencil

Course Description: In this high school level English literature and composition course, students will read a variety of novels, novellas, short stories and poems as they learn how to analyze and discuss literature using a Socratic method. Students will need their own copies of the following books: Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane, Captains Courageous by Rudyard Kipling, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Call of the Wild by Jack London, The Giver by Lois Lowry, The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway, and The Pearl by John Steinbeck. Students will also work on paragraph and essay writing. Grammar will be addressed; yet will not be comprehensive. Vocabulary study will be included with words chosen from the work of literature being discussed. Weekly vocabulary quizzes will be given. Several tests will be given throughout and announced ahead of time. Students are expected to come to class prepared and ready to participate.

 Homework: Homework requires commitment and best effort in the completion of the reading, writing, and brief research assignments given. Completion of weekly homework assignments is necessary for practicing the literary tool and/or writing skill, and for participation in meaningful classroom discussion.


Grades: 9-12

Teacher: Ken Duguay

Fee: $65 (cost of text and quiz book)


Course Description: Students will learn Biblical teachings about economics from the Old and New Testaments. Economics will cover U.S. and world economies. The curriculum will cover command economies, free market economies, microeconomics, macroeconomics, supply and demand, GDP, basic functions of the Federal Reserve Bank, and stock market functions.

Homework: Homework will be assigned each week. It will be collected, corrected and returned to the students. Homework will consist of reading the daily lessons and answering review questions, no more than 3 hrs/wk.

English Essay Writing in Classical Philosophy & Science

Grades: 9-12

Teacher: Dave Borchers

Fee: $45 (for curriculum I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist by Geisler, Turek, and Winter (CBD stock no: WW495619) Let Mr. Borchers know if you want him to order the course materials for you.


Course Description: In Apologia's 14-session companion study to Norman Geisler and Frank Turek's book, teens tackle questions about absolute truth, postmodernism, and moral relativism. Chapters note which pages to read in the book, main chapter objectives, key topics, key terms to define, profiles of well-known thinkers, discussion questions and exercises that encourage personal reflection while building advanced writing skills. This course can be used to fulfill one (1) high school English credit and will encourage the development of critical thinking and writing in defense of the student's Christian faith.

 Homework: Weekly assignments: essay writing, presentations, or oral reports. 2-3 hrs/week in addition to text and workbook reading.

Foundations in Personal Finance

Grades: 9-12

Teacher: Jenn Vachon

Fee: $ 35 (includes workbook and worksheets)


Supplies Needed: folder

Course Description: Foundations in Personal Finance will provide students with personal finance knowledge and life skills in a student-centered, competency-based approach to learning. The goal is to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to make sound financial decisions for life! Lessons will reinforce biblical principles related to personal finance.

Homework: 1-2 hrs/week

What in the World? Modern World History (1800-1950's)

Grades: 9-12

Teacher: Kelly Hart

Fee: $35 (includes student workbook)


Supplies Needed: What in the World: Modern World History Textbook by Diane Waring

Course Description: This class will study major and less well-known events starting with William Carey's awe-inspiring missionary work in India, and the Napoleonic Wars and conclude with the Korean War. We will discover not only kings and politicians, scientists, artists and inventors, but also the amazing fingerprints of our redeeming God.

Homework: Weekly homework assignments will vary between reading, vocabulary, mapping and timelines, and various projects. Completion of curriculum can be used to fulfill one history credit. 

Math U See: Geometry

Grades: 9-12

Teacher: Lance Hartford

Fee: $50 approx. (for curriculum and shipping)


Supplies Needed: Ruler, compass, clear protractor, calculator

Course Description: Concrete and visual math covering points, lines, planes, angles, circles, triangles, quadrilaterals, the Pythagorean Theorem, conic sections, proofs, and more. Includes historical and Biblical elements, review of Algebra concepts and optional honors lessons. 

Email Lance if the student will not have already completed Algebra 1.

Homework: 3 hrs/week plus optional honors lessons (not an honors class)


Grades: 10-12

Teacher: Kim Bouthiette

Fee: $15 (includes internet access through hotspot)


Supplies Needed: Notebook, laptop

Course Description: Students will work cooperatively and independently to create and publish a yearbook that represents the Lighthouse community. Students will learn photography basics, page layout and design, and basic fundraising. They will utilize their organizational skills to manage goals and deadlines. Students must have a laptop to use in class and at home.

Homework: 1-2 hrs/week

*This class is a .5 elective credit

Christian Ethical Leadership

Grads: 11-12 (10th graders after consultation and approval by instructor)

Teacher: Pat Testerman

Fee: $10


Supplies Needed: Bible,  biography approved by Instructor, videos (see description), computer with word-processing software, internet access to submit papers and access course material, equipment to watch videos at home.

Course Description: We will learn about ethics and leadership, different secular and Christian-based approaches to both, and consider how these theories have been demonstrated throughout history. Students will use this knowledge to create their own vision for Christian ethical leadership in their lives, and as a capstone project will prepare a term paper and presentation describing how that vision will apply in a desired post-high school path. This will be an intensive class demanding a high level of student engagement. It should be considered as an honors-level, college/career- preparatory class. It will be suitable for 11-12th grade students, as well as 10th grade students on a case-by-case basis. If your 10th grader is interested, please speak to me well-before class sign-ups so that we can talk about expectations. 

This is not a class on writing; however, the class will be writing-intensive with periodic short essays, take-home discussion questions, a biographical book report, and the capstone term paper and in-class presentation. Students will participate in class discussions, debates, and verbal and written critiques. I will expect grade-appropriate writing and will publish rubrics to explain what those expectations are. My previous-year syllabus and class schedule are available for review.

This class will be from my Christian worldview based upon my understanding of Christian Scriptures. I expect that students will have differences of opinion with me and amongst themselves, and we wlil learn how to engage those differences vigorously yet respectfully.

Let this description prepare but not intimidate you. This will be a fun class. It will be an engaging class, and it will be about formation, not just information. If you have any questions, please ask!

Homework: 50-75 pages of reading a week, with some weeks being more than that. Reading will include some dense primary sources (like Aristotle, Augustine, and Aquinas) as well as biographies and case studies. Expect to spend at least a solid hour of work each of the four school days you are not at Lighthouse, and more when you are preparing your projects.

Additional: Due to time constraints, students will be expected to watch the following movies/videos outside of class:

"The Caine Mutiny" (1954, Not Rated)

"The Hiding Place" (1975, PG)

"K-19: The Widow-Maker" (2002, PG-13)

"Remember the Titans" (200, PG)

I may show clips in class to emphasize or illustrate instruction. I advise parents to review these beforehand by watching by themselves or with their students and/or by reading reviews ( is one very good resource). Please contact me well in advance of the applicable classes if you have any concerns with the chosen media so that I can address those concerns and, if necessary, make modifications to the course of offer alternate assignments. Note- these videos may be available at your local library. 


Grades: 11-12

Teacher: Jennie Steinhauser

Fee: $5

7:00-7:55pm via Zoom

Supplies Needed: Students will need copies of the following books: The Saga of the Volsungs, Phantastes by George MacDonald, Farmer Giles of Ham by J.R.R. Tolkien, Descent into Hell by Charles Williams, The Nine Tailors by Dorothy Sayers, Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis, Perelandra by C.S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis, Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis, and The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis

Course Description: The Inklings was a literary discussion group of Oxford scholars who gathered in the 1930's and 1940's to discuss literature and read/critique each others' writing. In this discussion-based class, students will read and discuss works written by members of The Inklings. (One exception is Dorothy Sayers, who was not an Inkling, but was an Oxford scholar who appreciated The Inklings). Because this is a discussion-based class, it is imperative that students are prepared to discuss and sometimes lead the discussions on the reading assignments each week. 

Course Format: Class will be offered via Zoom on Lighthouse Mondays from 7:00-7:55pm. Students must have a computer and good internet access so that they will be able to join the meetings each week.

Prerequisites: Students must read The Weight of Glory by C.S. Lewis prior to the start of class.